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Why not take a look at our selection of standalone trading indicators, each one tailored for a specific task.

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Whether you are a swing trader or a day trader we have the trading software for you. Simple yet very effective.

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We don’t just sell amazing trading indicators and trading software, we also train people to trade Forex and Stocks.

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As traders we require the best computers available this is why we build our own and now you can own one too.

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Learn more about how zendicators can help you reach your trading goals


We are big fans of technical analysis which is why we got involved in creating our own trading software and indicators. This really gives an edge to our method of trading. We created Zendicators to help other traders reach their goals using the same software we do and learn an easy effective method of technical analysis. Below are some of the services we offer to achieve trading success.

  • Day Trading Software

  • Swing Trading Software

  • Trading Indicators

  • Trading Computers

  • Trading Education

  • 1-2-1 Coaching

  • In house class rooms

  • On-going coaching

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We can help make trading easier

Our trading software and education is designed for traders

Our Trading Indicators are the base to all of our trading. They are a staple to most traders arsnel and provide key tasks to finding entries and exits in the markets. We use these indicators in a lot of our day trading and we even combine some of them with or trading systems to get better entries.

We have 2 types of trading software available.

Swing Trading Software known as the home trading system which is used to buy and hold positions in the markets for days to weeks which is a great way to trade for someone with very little time.

Day Trading Software known as the DayTraderOne which is used to day trade the markets to get in and out of the markets and take profit in the same day,

Every trader needs a reliable computer more than anyone else. This is the key to trading success. The last thing you want is your computer to die when your 1000 points up on a currency trade. This is why we build our own custom trading computers. You can own one too.

Our Trading School is where we do all our teaching, we have a number of courses available which are either delivered int he form of a digital download with a number of videos, presentations and a online webinar or in our classroom in out UK based offices. Whichever way you chose to learn with us we provide easy to follow, simple trading methods to make money from the markets.

Trading Software Success Rates

Here we have the success rates that our trading software have provided us with this month.

Home Trading System 75%
DayTraderOne 83%
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With our Trading Consultations we will find out a bit about you and your trading needs and we will advise you on the best path for you to take to obtain success in trading, weather you are new to trading or you are struggling, we can guide you.

Here is what our customers say

  • Hi Chris,

    just thought I would give you a “Heads-up” on the Day Trader Package I have been using

    Well I am pleased to say that it has exceeded my expectations! I have integrated this into Ninja Trader, as you suggested, coupled with the Kinetick Data Feed.

    I am using the Fx feed, the indices for the US and also the DAX, and this in itself has reduced my Live Feed cost from over $200 to just $101.50, with no degradation of Service from the above.

    I find it easy to spot the optimum Entry and Exit signals, and am wholly satisfied with the Service and the initial ease of setting the System up for me.

    As you may be aware, I am a “short time” Trader, I tend not to stay in my Trades for very long, and this fits my lifestyle very well!
    I can very often be in and out of trades quite quickly, or if the indicators are showing me to “stay in” I will do this until the Trend changes.
    These are all the Trades taken today using the System the way I like to Trade!

    You are welcome to use this as a Testimonial, for anyone who is serious about Trading, if they are disciplined, it can be a nice form of additional income!



  • Hi Guys, just wanted to say I have been trading your new DayTraderOne system for about 6 weeks now and my what a system, its really helped me stay in the moved for much longer which I really have been having a problem with.

    Thanks so much

    Jan Wantana

  • “I am amazed at how successful the HTS is. I came across and thought it was too good to be true. I got the trial out of curiosity and I have been delighted with the success. I have been using it for two weeks now and every time I follow the instructions I have made money. On my first trade I made 40 points on the Yen on the 15 minute timeframe. I could never imagine that profit without the HTS. My best part however is the level of support. The guys are always willing to help you out with the system and tell you exactly what to do.”

    J Critchley
  • “ Trialing the system was a great option for me, I found that after trading it for a few months I had the confidence to trade it full time.”

    O Smith
  • “I have traded the Home Trading System since going live, I have been happy with the system and its performance, also support has been great.”

  • “Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy I am with your indicator/software package. After figuring out the most consistent chart to trade (I trade the TF mainly), I have had excellent success.

    Prior to using the software, I’d look for small profits and would usually leave big money on the table, get frustrated and then chase the market only to end up losing all my gains and then some.

    With your package I find myself being much more calm and just happy to take what the market gives me. I love the trailing stops and profit lock in!

    Thanks again for a great product. You may have finally helped me get over the hump with my trading. Now if I can just stay this disciplined!!”

    D Bryant
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